Ocean Life Saving Association is a community alliance of dedicated ocean-focussed groups working together from a shared information/research/community activity space.

Action on climate change begins in the communities where we live.

Through conservation, research, education and activism we strive to protect our fragile ecosystem and encourage community involvement in its maintenance.

OLSA is a collaboration of some of the northern Sunshine Coast’s best known conservation groups and world-class scientists focussed on marine and coastal ecology. 

Peregian Beach is a focus of humpback whale research, turtle care, bush and dune care, and community groups all within a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. 

What better place to unify community and marine science to create citizen scientists of our local families and children.


Coolum and North Shore Coast Care

Cetacean Ecology & Acoustic Laboratory

Surfrider Foundation - Sunshine Coast

Peregian and Marcus Beach Bushcare

Marine and Coastal Geomorphology

Surf Life Saving

Together, we bring over 150 years of expertise to learn about, educate and conserve our oceans and coastlines. We aim to create a community space where our kids can foster future careers related to their love of the ocean and its environs.

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